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Get rewarded for expanding your business and creating jobs. Receive $750-$5,250 per new full-time job created.

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    Overview of the Georgia Job Tax Credit

    Georgia has created an incentive to help fuel business expansion by rewarding job creation. The Georgia Jobs Tax Credit can be worth $750-$5,250* per new full-time job created, each year for up to five years. Value depends on Tier and Specialty Zone where the jobs are created. Companies can take the benefit against Withholding Tax if growth occurs in Tier 1 Counties, Military Zones, Opportunity Zones or Specially Designated Census Tracts.


    • Company must operate in a qualified industry
    • All industries can qualify in the lowest 40 qualifying counties
    • Companies may qualify for this credit when they create 2-25 new jobs in a single year
    • Value of benefit and number of jobs required depends on the company’s footprint in GA


    • The GJTC can generate from $750-$5,250* per new full-time job created, each year for up to five years
    • Presence in certain areas allows employer to claim credit against Employee Withholding
    • The GAJTC can offset 50 to 100% of state income tax liability (10 year carry-forward)
    • Two year look-back (current year + 1)
    • Can be claimed along with the Georgia Retraining Tax Credit