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Has your business lost revenue, products, or inadequate shift coverage because of a hurricane or wild fire? Then you may be eligible to earn up to $2,400 for each employee!

Time to Act is Now

These incentives will expire!

    The Disaster ERC was introduced to encourage employers impacted by qualified disasters to retain employees while their businesses returned to normal operations.

    Synergi Partners evaluates tax credit eligibility for organizations conducting business in Federally designated disaster areas. Synergi Partners has developed an “Operational Impact Analysis”.

    How does Synergi determine if my business qualifies for a retention credit? Synergi reviews different areas of the business that affected your operations. These areas include:

    Operational Impact
    Physical Impact
    Productivity Benchmarks
    Financial Impact

    How To Get Started?

    Register Yourself

    Fill out the form and submit your contact information.


    A Synergi Rep will contact you to discuss the next steps.


    Synergi will notify that you are ready to go. Sit back and start earning credits.

    Questions? Contact Ken Machemehl (678) 237-2035 or


    Contact Ken Machemehl (678) 237-2035 or

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