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Hurricanes Florence and Michael have changed the lives of many. As these storms ripped through the coasts, they left a wake of devastation in their path. Our deepest thoughts and sympathies are with everyone affected by these disasters. You may be a business that is suffering and wondering how you will ever fully regain your normal operations. There is hope, and Synergi Partners can help.

Will There Be Disaster Relief?

While specific disaster relief details have not been announced by the U.S. government for Florence and Michael as of yet, initial disaster areas have been identified, and there is strong anticipation that they will offer a tax benefit to affected businesses, much like they have done in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico when the 2017 Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria hit. Synergi Partners is currently processing disaster relief for businesses in these areas, and we are on the forefront of tracking disaster relief for Hurricanes Florence and Michael. We will be ready to assist you with these programs.

The process of filing for relief benefits is a challenge for any business. There are complex regulations and procedures to follow to receive the relief and maximize the amount for which you are entitled. Synergi can help you file and get you the benefits you need to get your business up and running all without any out of cost to you or your business.

You may be a business that is operating without power or water. Employees may not have been able to get to work, or your workplace may have suffered damage. Deliveries may be unable to reach you, yet you are continuing to keep your staff on the payroll, or your business may have remained open, but your operations were hindered or impacted by these storms. In doing so, as we have seen with previous programs, your business may be eligible to receive hurricane relief from the U.S. government.

Employer or business programs for hurricane disaster relief vary, and Synergi Partners is anticipating a significant package to be released that will help recover at least a portion of the losses you have sustained after these devastating hurricanes. You need help and we are ready to assist you.

How Can Synergi Partners Help?

If your business is in the defined disaster area and was impacted by the storms in any way, it is likely this disaster relief will be available for your business. It can provide critical financial benefits you need to help your business recover during this difficult time.

Synergi is here to work for you and the leading expert in disaster relief incentives. We will be your partner in uncovering these government programs and can help you maximize your potential financial benefit. We have over 150 years of experience within our team of professionals that will decipher the regulations and be ready to help you by managing the entire analysis and filing process.

Let’s Keep in Touch!

Synergi Partners has helped thousands of businesses affected by hurricanes. We have captured tens of millions of dollars in benefits and we can help you too. We can provide the guidance and assistance needed to file for disaster relief as soon as it becomes available.

Have Questions? Contact Synergi Partners Today!

Contact Synergi Partners today, the experts of disaster relief incentives. We can tell you about other programs currently in effect in Florida, Texas and Puerto Rico and give you a sense for what to anticipate. You can recover from Hurricane Florence and Michael. Contact us today to see how we can help.