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Businesses around the country have been slow to evaluate, or quick to assume they are ineligible for, the 2021 Employee Retention Credit (“ERC”).  The result: a significant amount of cash from the Federal government is being left on the table for companies that need it. 

The information enclosed within this article is still prevalent today.  Our team at Synergi Partners is finding that so many businesses are not investigating the ERC as “they think” they are not eligible.  Let our team help you understand who qualifies and who does not.  The points below are some common misconceptions.  Even if you answer YES to one or more of them, your business may still quality for the ERC:  

  • We are an essential business.
  • We did not shutdown.
  • My business is still profitable through this pandemic. 
  • We are a non-profit.
  • We took the PPP.

The Synergi Partners team are experts in tax incentives.  They are made up of partners, executives, leaders, lawyers, government relations specialists and associates who have made significant contributions to the tax credit and incentives industry. Let them use their expertise to benefit you.

Reach out – the team is waiting to hear to you.

    Forbes: Six Myths Surrounding The 2021 Employee Retention Tax Credit