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I am a team player, leader, positive motivator, and a proven lead generator. I am results oriented, competitive by nature and one who can easily build outstanding relationships. I get to work with clients of all sizes and locations all over the United States daily. I help them receive every credit dollar that they are eligible for. Sometimes, I help get tax incentives that they didn’t even know about for their companies.

Are you familiar with Federal Disaster credits? This tax relief legislation includes an employee retention credit to encourage employers affected by COVID, hurricanes, wildfires and other natural disasters to retain employees. Feel free to contact me at if you have questions about your eligibility.

Synergi Partners focuses on one thing only, and that makes us the experts when it comes to business tax credits and incentives! Companies that work with us should feel very confident that we are digging into every credit opportunity for them. We work with a Consistent, Proven and Defendable model.