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How To Apply For The Puerto Rico Employee Retention Benefit

As a business owner, you may feel like you have suffered enough after the hurricanes damaged your business. You may have been one of the lucky ones that were able to resume operations, or you may be a business that is working to rebuild. Regardless of damage your business suffered from these hurricanes, there is help in the form of the Employee Retention Benefit.

While you may have heard that there is a cash benefit available to businesses through Puerto Rico Treasury Department, you may not know how it applies to your company. The Employee Retention Benefit is a cash benefit for Puerto Rico businesses that continued to employ workers after the hurricane disaster.

If your business suffered from Hurricane Irma or Hurricane Maria and you were able to continue to employ your staff, you are entitled to a cash benefit from the Puerto Rico Treasury Department. This cash benefit allows for up to $1,920 per employee to be paid to your business.

As one of the businesses that continued to help its employees through this difficult time, you deserve a cash benefit for your efforts. The Employee Retention Benefit is designed to help those businesses that realized that their employees needed help too.

Now is the time for your business to get the help it needs to recover and repair the damage that these storms did. With the Employee Retention Benefit, your business can begin to recoup the losses it sustained from the hurricanes.

Is My Business Qualified To Receive The Employee Retention Benefit?

If your business continued to employ its workers after the hurricanes, you may be entitled to a cash benefit under The Disaster Tax Relief Act. This act provides businesses that were impacted by the storms with a cash benefit for employing staff even when your business was inoperable.

Your business may have lost power or revenue. Your business may have had difficulty receiving its deliveries. Your workers may have been unable to get to work. And, worse yet, your operations may have suffered along with the damage that may have occurred to your location.

The Employee Retention Benefit offers your business hurricane disaster relief. Even if your business in Puerto Rico is now doing well, you still may qualify for a cash benefit. There is limited time and funds, so let Synergi Partners help determine if you qualify.

How Do I Apply For The Employee Retention Benefit?

The Puerto Rico Treasury Department has not made it easy for business owners to understand the process of receiving the cash benefit this program offers. Synergi Partners is here to help you through the complicated filing process.

You may be frustrated with understanding how to apply for the cash benefit your business deserves. Don’t feel overwhelmed by the entire process. Synergi Partners understands the anguish you are facing and can assist you with the filing process from start to finish.

There are strict rules and regulations to apply for the Employee Retention Benefit. Our team of experienced specialists can help you with the filing process and make sure you receive the maximum benefits that you are owed from the Puerto Rico Treasury Department.

We have more than 30 years’ experience obtaining hurricane disaster relief and government benefits for businesses just like yours. Our specialists are knowledgeable in all areas of tax credits and incentives, and we can help your business receive the cash benefit it deserves.

Why Does My Business Need The Employee Retention Benefit?

As a business that was impacted by the hurricanes, you are entitled to receive help from the government. We know you are a proud business owner that has worked hard to rebuild what was lost from the devastating hurricanes, and you deserve to be compensated for your efforts. Businesses like yours are the true heroes of the hurricanes. By continuing to retain your employees after the storms hit, you provided them the much-needed assistance they required to get back on their feet and move forward with their lives after this disaster.

Without your efforts, your employees would have suffered greatly. The government realizes that many of the residents of Puerto Rico could not have recovered without the help of loyal business owners like yourself. Now is the time to receive your help, and get the cash benefit you are owed for helping your employees that were also in need.

How Can Synergi Partners Help?

Allow Synergi Partners to offer its expertise in hurricane disaster relief and help your business receive the Employee Retention Benefit. By working with Synergi Partners, you will receive friendly, personalized service from a trusted, industry leading company. Synergi Partners never asks for money upfront and there is no financial risk. A contingency fee is only due if we recover cash benefits for your business.

Synergi Partners is on your side throughout the entire process of receiving your cash benefit. You can count on us to make sure your benefit is applied for accurately and timely. We work for you and will do our part to help get the hurricane disaster relief your business deserves. Let us assist in the recovery process and help your business receive the Employee Retention Benefit.

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If you were a Puerto Rico business that suffered the effects of the hurricanes and continued to employ your workers, you are entitled to the Employee Retention Benefit. Synergi Partners can help you receive this cash benefit of up to $1,920 per employee. Contact us for more information. We are ready to assist you and provide the answers you have about this tax credit. Contact us today and begin the process of filing for your Employee Retention Benefit.

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