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Synergi Partners Puerto Rico is pleased to announce Rodrigo Masses as President.

Rodrigo Masses will focus on Disaster Relief Incentives and the CARES Act, a policy implemented to protect businesses from natural disasters and managing employee retention rates. Synergi Partners Puerto Rico is focused on providing solutions for companies to help build productivity and profitability. Mr. Masses’ plan and innovative thinking will allow for businesses to regain productivity, retain employees, and focus on growth for the future.

Rodrigo Masses


Rodrigo Masses

Jim Brown, CEO of Synergi Partners, gives us his thought on Mr. Masses joining Synergi Partners Puerto Rico:

“Synergi Partners Puerto Rico continues to build and broaden our talent and investments in Puerto Rico. Rodrigo brings talent and vast experience to our team. We are very pleased and excited to name a person with his background to lead our team in Puerto Rico.”

Mr. Masses’ involvement as a consultant for international companies resulted in A Masses Approach, a consulting firm specializing in business development to support local and international companies in identifying new opportunities for business growth. He assisted firms seeking advice on business development, strategic expansion, and mergers.

As former Chairman of the Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association, Mr. Masses has been one of the leading voices and advocates of the economic sector that represents more than 48% of Puerto Rico’s GDP. He is a strategist, capable of identifying opportunities for positive change and growth even in the direst scenarios — case in point, the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Under his leadership, the Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association spearheaded a campaign in the United States Congress that transformed Puerto Rico’s power system into a modern, diversified and streamlined operation capable of producing low cost and reliable electricity, achieved fair federal tax treatment, and turned the island into an air cargo hub by pursuing an exemption from U.S. cabotage laws.

“I am extremely proud of being part of the process to help bring back the business ecosystem in association with Synergi, whom I know very well from the María experience. I am looking forward to continue helping Puerto Rican businesses with the impressive technical resources of this prestigious company,” said Masses.

He empathized that these funds are large, but limited and cases are handled on a first come first served basis, so the sooner the process begins the higher the return.

“Best of all, all of our services are on a contingency basis, so you have no expense until the money is received,” stated Masses.

Mr. Masses Masses-Artze has a Juris Doctor from InterAmerican University and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Puerto Rico, with a major in Accounting.

Mr. Masses’ agenda for the Island is called “The Contract with Puerto Rico.” It is based on three main pillars:

  1. The first one is Urgencies. His goal is to support the private and public sectors providing intelligence and assistance in all products available, enhancing their access to the financial tools available after any Natural Disaster.
  2. The second pillar is Economic Develoment. Synergi Partners Puerto Rico will design and develop new product offerings that will focus on business opportunities. This will help the local entrepreneurial ecosystem to develop and grow.
  3. Their last pillar is to become a significant contributor to the company growth and expansion to other markets.

Please visit for more information about this company and the CARES Act.