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FLORENCE, S.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Synergi Partners, the largest, privately held incentive and tax credit consulting and processing services company, recently completed a comprehensive company-wide training conference at its South Carolina headquarters. In-depth education and development are part of Synergi Partner’s ongoing investment in its employees and commitment to clients to provide first-rate client service.

During the three-day program, employees from across the U.S. and Puerto Rico learned from industry experts, including CPAs and attorneys, specializing in tax and tax credit legislation. Company-wide training sessions included the history of tax credits in the U.S., the CARES Act Employee Retention Credit, Disaster Employee Retention Credit and the Work Opportunity Tax Credit. Additionally, Synergi’s operations, client services and sales teams also received specialized training focused on their roles.

“As industry leaders, we pride ourselves on operating with the utmost integrity, evaluating tax credit eligibility for clients based on their individual circumstances,” said Jim Brown, CEO of Synergi Partners. “That’s why it is crucial for our employees to receive regular, thorough training on evolving tax credits and legislation. Synergi Partner’s comprehensive training program reflects our commitment to building a company rooted in dedication to honest service.”

The executive team of Synergi consists of widely regarded thought leaders with decades of experience who have helped shape the tax incentives industry. The experts at Synergi understand tax credit processing is complex and dependent on each employer’s unique situation. The team provides individualized assessment of tax credit eligibility based on each client’s circumstances and stands by its services by providing audit support at no additional cost.

About Synergi Partners
Synergi Partners helps companies keep people employed. Our sole focus is processing tax credits for businesses across the country and in Puerto Rico who maintain operations through an unexpected disaster or crisis, or that hire individuals who often face employment barriers. Synergi was founded by tax services veterans with decades of experience in the industry and offers its clients premium service, comprehensive data analysis and an individualized eligibility assessment resulting in optimized credits and unmatched client experience. The company is located in Florence, South Carolina and offers employee tax credit services for WOTC, Disaster and CARES-ERC.