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The platform provides end-to-end capabilities and multiple features to enable small and medium size enterprises’ easier access to tax credits for hiring eligible employees.

Synergi Partners Launches, the First Cloud-Based Tax Credit Platform for SMBs

The platform provides end-to-end capabilities and multiple features to enable small and medium size enterprises’ easier access to tax credits for hiring eligible employees.

Florence, SOUTH CAROLINA – Synergi Partners , a market leader in the tax credit arena providing volume-hiring for businesses and enterprises, has launched , a new cloud-based and web-enabled tax credit platform for small and medium sized enterprises. is the first service portal targeting specifically small and medium size businesses, allowing them easier access to tax credit benefits. According to the company, there are over five million businesses in the U.S. that may be eligible for tax credits without being aware of the fact. One such opportunity is the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) Program, which can result in up to $9,600 in tax credits for each eligible hire including the millions of veterans, people on SSI/SSDI, or people living in economically-challenged areas who are in need of employment.

“We are excited about this new innovative approach to help small businesses. Now all businesses, regardless of size and resources, have the opportunity to participate in the WOTC program via our new portal,” said Dean Rehfeld, SVP Product Marketing and Strategy at Synergi Partners. “Over 50% of all hiring happens in small businesses. This first-ever, easy-to-use online tool opens the door for those businesses – and the people they hire – to receive the benefit the government intended.”

The groundbreaking platform offers end-to end capabilities, assisting companies in their WOTC application process, including screening of job candidates for eligibility, tax credit processing, calculations and real-time reporting, as well as automated payments. Companies can sign up and start screening applicants in as little as 20 minutes. The platform provides comprehensive assistance via a live chat feature and a full-service support team available 8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET.

One organization that has already benefited from the technology is Visiting Angels, a senior home care provider based in Scotts Valley, California. The company initially tried to use government hiring incentives, but the process seemed too cumbersome and time consuming. “That is why I love the ease of use of the SynergiPro platform. The software’s intuitive web-enabled survey optimizes candidate experience and allows us to seamlessly screen job applicants,” said Jeanette Pagliaro, owner of Visiting Angels. “Our company is benefiting significantly by participating in the government’s hiring incentive program (WOTC) by reducing our tax liability by thousands of dollars each year.”

The platform is yet another instance of the kind of technological innovation Synergi Partners is promoting in the field of business incentives and tax credits. The company has so far focused primarily on assisting enterprise and volume-hiring organization to obtain tax credits, but with the new platform it can extend its reach to new areas: helping small businesses get tax credits by hiring people who need it the most, Rehfeld added.

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