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Acquisition enables launch of Blue Badge Program for job seekers and small businesses, with incentives ranging between $2,400 and $9,600.

FLORENCE, SC, February 07, 2019 — Synergi Partners , a market leader in the tax credit and business incentives arena, has announced that it has acquired , a company dedicated to executing the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) hiring incentive program as designed by U.S. legislators, with the purpose of disrupting and streamlining legacy tax credit industry processes.

The acquisition allows Synergi Partners to launch’s innovative Blue Badge Program for underserved small businesses and job seekers that can benefit from an edge in their job search. Employers can receive incentives that range between $2,400 to $9,600 for each eligible new hire.

“This is a win-win. We are helping businesses participate in the Government’s hiring incentive program and we are helping job seekers who need it the most, like veterans, SSI recipients and families receiving assistance,” said Dean Rehfeld, SVP Product Marketing and Strategy at Synergi Partners.

“Businesses large and small can identify potential tax credits automatically even before the job application process and obtain the incentives that they are eligible for when hiring from these various target groups,” Rehfeld explained. “With’s patent pending technology we can assist the tens of millions of underemployed people in our society, creating a more equitable and spirited humanity.”

With the addition of and the launch of the Blue Badge Program, Synergi Partners will be able to provide smaller businesses greater access to an easy-to-use online system for available tax credits, while also providing job seekers a competitive advantage with employment opportunities. Through this platform, employers will be able to pre-identify job seekers with benefits, who will be designated with a digital “blue badge” either on their job board profile or in a paper format attached to an application or resume.

The Blue Badge Program underscores Synergi Partners’ on-going commitment to technological innovation. The program works to seamlessly connect employers with potential job candidates through popular job boards. The program’s revolutionary software design automatically tracks and reports on potential new hires to distinguish eligibility for a unique and comprehensive approach to government hiring tax incentives.

“The Blue Badge Program finally delivers the WOTC program as it was conceived by the government. The government wants to help people move from social assistance and give them the benefit of employment and the self-worth that comes with having a job,” Rehfeld concluded.

For more information, visit or the company’s LinkedIn profile.

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