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The San Juan office opening is expected to help the group step up its contribution to the island’s economic recovery and hurricane relief efforts.

Synergi Partners, an industry leader in tax incentives and hiring credits, has announced the opening of a new office in Puerto Rico, where it has been actively involved in supporting the island’s post-hurricane economic recovery. The new office is based in Puerto Rico’s capital city of San Juan and will operate under the leadership of Synergi Partners Global Benefits Manager Cornelio “CJ” Monjarrez.

The move will help Synergi Partners’ Puerto Rico branch increase its involvement in hurricane relief efforts and work closer with businesses affected by Hurricane Maria last year that qualify for the local Hurricane Employee Retention Benefit.

“We are positively thrilled to establish our office in Puerto Rico,” Synergi Partners CEO Jim Brown said. “We currently have five account executives and plans are in motion to grow to 20 over the next few months. The welcome we received from local businesses has been truly fantastic, and we are excited to continue our mission of assisting employers, small and large, with Hacienda’s hurricane relief program,” he added.

The Hurricane Employee Retention Benefit was established earlier this year by the Puerto Rico Treasury Department and approved by the U.S. Secretary of Treasury, with the goal of helping businesses with recovery efforts and rewarding them for retaining local employees. Synergi Partners has been working closely with agencies involved to define the program’s requirements and implementation.

Under the program, businesses that qualify for the benefit can receive up to $1,920 per eligible employee. Leveraging its experience as an administrator of government business assistance programs and a tax credit services firm, Synergi Partners is well positioned to assist local businesses in applying for Employee Retention funds all throughout the process, from hurricane impact assessment to application and benefit payment receipt.

“Synergi Partners has opened an office in Puerto Rico and shown its commitment to staff locally and contribute to Puerto Rico’s economic recovery. The National Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce is proud to help Synergi navigate the business landscape in Puerto Rico,” said Jorge Salichs, Senior Legal Advisor of the National Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce. He added, “We are excited to work with corporate partners like Synergi Partners PR since we fully believe that Puerto Rico’s recovery lies mainly on a thriving business environment. Their efforts to help businesses of all sizes maximize their qualified employee retention benefits bring incredible value to our members and local employers.”

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