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When the hurricanes that hit Puerto Rico ripped through the area, many homes and businesses were lost. People were without power and electricity for extended periods of time. The devastation was merciless. Yet, despite the damage that these hurricanes caused, many businesses continued to offer their workers employment.

These businesses were hit hard by the hurricanes and suffered along with the rest of Puerto Rico. Businesses, such as yours, may be operating at a reduced capacity. You may have lost revenue after the hurricane devastation ravaged your business location. Deliveries may have been stalled. Employees may have been unable to make their way to work, and operations may have been diminished from the losses you suffered.

There is help! The Puerto Rico Treasury Department is providing an Employee Retention Benefit to those businesses that continued to offer their workers employment in spite of the hurricane damage. Your business may be eligible for cash compensation up to $1,920 for each qualified employee that is working for you.

Hurricane Damage Recovery Is Available

If your business was affected by the hurricanes through damage, loss of power, or reduced revenue, and you continued to hold positions for your staff, you have a right to the Employee Retention Benefit. But, you need to act quickly as this cash benefit is available on a first come first served basis. Only those businesses that apply quickly and accurately will see cash payments through this program.

The process to obtain the Employee Retention Benefit may be overwhelming for your business. There are applications to process, and there are strict guidelines set by the Puerto Rico Treasury Department to follow. While the process to apply for this cash benefit may seem complex and frustrating, your business needs to take advantage of this Employee Retention Benefit now. The Employee Retention Benefit can help your business maintain its operations and continue to staff the workers that helped you through the recovery process.

Assistance in Filing For Your Cash Benefit

You do have options when it comes to applying for hurricane disaster relief from the Puerto Rico Treasury Department for your business. Synergi Partners can assist you by managing the application process for the Employee Retention Benefit to ensure that you receive the maximum benefit available.

This cash benefit can go a long way in helping your business get back on its feet and recover the losses you sustained from hurricanes that tore apart the area. Your Employee Retention Benefit can help you repair damage and supplement lost revenue to allow your business to continue operations without further interruption.

Having Synergi Partners on your side can ensure you are one of the businesses that does receive this cash benefit as quickly as possible. With limited time to apply, Synergi Partners can expedite the application process and make sure the necessary requirements set by the Puerto Rico Treasury Department are followed.

Help Your Business Deserves

There is no need for your business to bypass the ability to receive this cash benefit due to time limitations or the inability to file effectively. Let Synergi Partners handle the requirements to ensure your business qualifies for the maximum benefits available. We have experience assisting businesses, like yours, in obtaining relief like the Employee Retention Benefit. We have expertise in filing for hurricane disaster relief and can provide your business the help it needs to receive the cash benefits it is entitled to.

Our knowledgeable team of experts has a complete understanding of the regulations and requirements and will manage the entire process to file for the Puerto Rico Employee Retention Benefit. We provide accurate processing of your application within the time limit set by the Puerto Rico Treasury Department. Your business will be able to move forward with its operations and not have to suffer without assistance.

Your business deserves a helping hand for its heroic efforts in keeping your employees staffed and working. This cash benefit can provide your business with a significant boost to help with the hurricane recovery it needs now. Don’t wait to apply for your Employee Retention Benefit. With limited time to file, your business could lose out on this cash benefit opportunity to boost your business and help it thrive after the hurricanes devastated the area. Get the repairs your business needs or use the tax credit to further your operations. The possibilities are endless unless you fail to apply.

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Give your business the lift it deserves and receive your Employee Retention Benefit now. Contact Synergi Partners for more information. We will provide you answers to the questions and concerns you may have about this cash benefit. We are ready to assist you now and have specialists that can contact you directly. Call us today so we can begin the process of filing for your Employee Retention Benefit now.

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