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Just as the name of our organization suggests, we here at Synergi produce substantial results as a unified force. In 2018, I got the exciting opportunity to join the Synergi Partners Team and become a part of a team that has allowed me to grow and flourish in my role. As a WOTC State Support Analyst, I get to serve our clients through securing any necessary documentation needed or requested by the State Workforce Agency (SWA) that validates or certifies potential WOTC qualifiers on behalf of our clients. I have to say, it is exciting to work with and alongside a growing team of highly skilled and driven staff that are so focused on making sure our clients receive and attain every tax incentive available to them. The Work Opportunity Tax Credit, or WOTC as we call it, is a federally mandated tax credit for employers. The program itself was designed to help employees that faced significant barriers to employment, obtain employment back into the workforce and off federal/state assistance.

WOTC has several target groups, including Military, Zone, and Felony. Did you know that for these target groups we must submit supporting documentation to the State Workforce Agency (SWA), proving that the employee served in the military for at least 180 active days, or that an ex-felon was convicted or released within the last year prior to their date of hire? There are several databases that we use to research and obtain supporting documentation, there are times we must use multiple databases for one employee. We do this to make sure we have all the credentials that the SWA’s requests. We are diligent with the information we obtain, making sure that everything matches with what the employee gave us on their 8850 form. There are times that I will reach out to Correctional offices, Probation officers and the Department of Veterans Affairs to obtain the supporting documentation. After gathering the supporting documentation, we submit it to the SWA, and from there they will review the supporting documentation for the target group in question and issue a certification. 

As a WOTC State Support Analyst, I have been able to apply my skills in communication and task-management towards reviewing tax credit documentation for accuracy, updating database records, and contact our clients as needed to complete open items.

I feel a great deal of accomplishment at Synergi as we set clearly defined goals and work as one to meet and exceed them. As a lifelong learner, I always try to excel in both acquiring and applying new knowledge. On any given day I can process 8850 forms, research SWA requests, reach out to clients to obtain supporting documents when necessary, and then submit that information to the state. Being precise and focused is key with all the task that we preform each day. Learning, sharing experiences, and giving knowledge to others within the Synergi Partners community ensure we are maximizing our capabilities and our contributions which makes me excited about where I work each day.