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Puerto Rico businesses can continue filing amended claims for the hurricane recovery program with new extension dates. Employers can receive up to $1,920 in benefits for each employee retained after Hurricanes Irma and Maria. The portal has also been opened and all pending claims are being paid.

(San Juan, PR, Oct 15, 2019) – There’s good news for employers who have applied for the Employee Retention Benefit but did not receive the maximum amount they were entitled. The deadline for anyone wishing to amend a previous filing has been extended to Nov 15, 2019. Benefits are awarded on a first come first served basis, so employers must act quickly to take advantage of this valuable program.

“Synergi Partners Puerto Rico’s work with the Hacienda, Secretary of Treasury of Puerto Rico and the United States Treasury Department resulted in an extension to file amended claims of the Employee Retention Benefit through November 15, 2019,” said Jim Brown, CEO, Synergi Partners. “Employers should be grateful the respected officials in Puerto Rico and the United States took action to extend this deadline. This extension of time will allow all employers in Puerto Rico additional time to participate in this valuable program. Many businesses were tremendously impacted by the two devastating hurricanes and are entitled to file for the benefit. For the companies waiting to be paid the portal has been opened and payments are being made.”

By using the “Operational Impact Analysis” developed by Synergi Partners, the process evaluates business revenue loss on an individual basis. Through an extensive evaluation we’ll show how the business was impacted by the hurricane(s) to help your business maximize the claim.
Leveraging its years of experience as an administrator of government business assistance programs and a tax credit services firm, Synergi Partners is the market leader and well positioned to assist local businesses in this program. We will manage the entire process with the Treasury, from application, appeal and benefit payment receipt.

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History of Employee Retention Benefit

The Employee Retention Benefit was established in 2018 by the Puerto Rico Treasury Department and approved by the U.S. Secretary of Treasury to aid employers in Puerto Rico affected by Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria. For those employers who were able to retain employees after the disasters, they can claim a benefit of up to $1,920 for each qualified employee. The new deadline is November 15 2019 for anyone wishing to amend a previous filing.

About Synergi Partners

Thought leaders that make up Synergi Partners’ executive team with over 200 years of combined experience have made significant contributions to the incentives industry. As tax credit veterans with years of experience and serving clients of all sizes in virtually all industries, Synergi Partners’ focus is on assisting businesses in navigating federal and state tax credit programs. Synergi Partners’ main goal is to provide the best service available to achieve maximum value for its clients.